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Give the Best Gifts this Year!


Make an impression on your beloved ones

Luxurious and elegant hampers that are suitable to be given to friends, family, and closest relatives

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D’Neven comes with new innovations, providing luxurious hampers with premium quality


The Earl

Rp 600.000

Rp 510.000

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What’s inside?

Distinctive and authentic modern spiku taste

Using only the best materials

Melt in the mouth

We’re using proven manufacturing techniques since 2002

A gift to remember

More than authentic taste but also a touch of simple but modern design

Consistent quality in every piece

Every product is always produced consistently and well packaged

What they say about us?

Octa 04

Octa De Queljoe

"Gaess sumpah deh!!! Ini spiku enaknya selangit! JUHARA pokoknya. Yang aku dapat itu rasanya Charcoal Cheesecake, sumpah sumpahh sumpahhh uenakk banget! 100 jempol deh nih buat D’NEVEN"
Thalia Jessica 01

Thalia Jessica

"Harga Terjangkau, Unik, Lembut, Mencoba pertama kali, Enak"
Rachel Karina Yonathan 02

Rachel Karina Y.

"Dimakan Rame2, Harga Terjangkau, Mudah Mendapatkan, Oleh2, Khas Surabaya, Teman Suka, Unik, Lembut, Enak"

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